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USAID’s Contractor Payment Portal

USAID’s Contractor Payment Portal

08/15/18 @ 6:21 pm | News

San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 5, 2016 – eliteBco, LLC announced today that they were awarded a contract to develop, host, and maintain a portal that manages the entire lifecycle of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) contractor payments. Powered by Agiloft’s contract management system, the portal enablesUSAID personnel to assign tasks to contractors and, in turn, allows the contractors to submit invoices and get paid for their services through the system. In the background, eliteBco personnel provide support to all portal users, configure the portal to meet requirements, process payments to contractors, and provide tax reporting services.

“We chose eliteBco’s solution because they gave us access to a fully functional prototype when they submitted their proposal; they were ready to go!” said Timothy Mulroy, USAID Branch Chief of Field Investigations. “It is amazing how fast eliteBco can incorporate new functionality and changes to the system.”

“Our solution engineers have the know-how and experience with the Agiloft platform to build solutions in a matter of hours over a couple of days, not weeks or months,” said Luis A. Baez-Black, President of eliteBco. “Our solutions present a great opportunity for our clients to reduce the time and costs of developing and maintaining their portals.” This win represents a major milestone in eliteBco’s plan to introduce Agiloft in the federal government. Agiloft is a state-of-the-art business process management solution where enterprise applications can be configured without custom coding. It can be deployed on premise or hosted in a FedRAMP-compliant and SSAE 16-certified data center.